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50 Miles

Country: Germany
Port: Oldenburg

Food and hygienic articles shop; souvenirs available; limited money exchange; money remittance by Western Union without fee; phone and internet cards from July 2021; storage for internet shopping possible, also free postal service if vessel is detoured; free supermarket service; free supermarket shuttle; excursions to the town and the woods and English Church Mass; sports with locals; TV/Netflix; English books; counselling and social work by definition; free COVID-Testing medical support and counselling doctor available

Additional info:Special humanistic counselling is available within 100 km from the port
Location:Seafarer's Social Service, Cloppenburger Str. 345, 26133 Oldenburg, Germany
Ship visiting: Yes
Additional Transport info:Free
Opening times:

On demand when vessel is in port; every time is possible
Internet available:yes
Free, high-speed access; WiFi available out of hours and internet available in port
Mobile phone:+491735603750
Whatsapp:+491735603750 (also available on Telegram & Viber) /