Customer Service Standards

ISWAN SeafarerHelp will provide a customer focused service that will seek to provide the best possible outcomes for seafarers and/or their families.

The SeafarerHelp service is provided free of charge to all seafarers and their families no matter what their nationality, religion, gender or sexuality. The SeafarerHelp service is provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. SeafarerHelp will always try to make it as easy as possible for seafarers to contact us by providing our service through a range of different communication channels.

The ISWAN SeafarerHelp team will deal with all contacts in a friendly, professional, honest and non-judgemental manner. We will try to assist with any enquiry raised with us however we cannot guarantee that the outcome the seafarer wishes will be achieved because such things are not always within our gift. We will be realistic and tell seafarers what we believe is possible to achieve and what is not. We will work with other organisations to try to achieve the best outcomes for seafarers and their families, but we cannot be held responsible for the services provided by third parties. We will not pass personal information to other organisations without the agreement of the seafarer or their family.

We will gather feedback from a range of sources and use that information to review and improve our services.