Training on board

Training on board (TOB) is a training and health project for seafarers.

You can access the website at

The programme shows you how to train on board with either little or no equipment. You can develop your strength, endurance and flexibility by following the workout plans. For a beginner, participation can lead to a big difference in fitness.

How it works

On the TOB website, there is a fitness calculator. You answer some quick questions about how often you exercise, and the site calculates your VO2 max (ability to transform oxygen) and fitness. If you are 40 years old, and the site shows you are 50, it’s time to start training!

Both conditioning and strength training are included in the programme. The training focuses more on the length and intensity of the training, than miles, seconds or kilos. The site offers beginner to intermediate workouts, and you can compare your score with other seafarers’. If you get your colleagues to participate, you can compete with other vessels for a place in the top ten ships.

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